Financial power to the people delivering dynamic savings ability

Internet and social media has given every person the power to interact in individual actions, also in economic therms.
And using and creating tools, devices and apps we feel needs and wants to change the World. So more and more we ask our politics, laws and extended admnistrations for freedom on new productions for human wellbeing.

Reasons to invoke "Obamadepending" or "Googledepending" challenging both for technics structure and regulations to go with our Authoring to achieve our solutions in economic apps. By Biophone-AndroïdG-Financial the new "B.A.F.".

Like our propose of the creation of a financial part in digital economy it means the "Gool-Bama-Cash" solution using personal bots for individual creations of "Webliving-Dynamic-Savings" giving to folks the ability to use their financial power in direct connection with the FED and the "Universocial Sovereign Anchor" as unique harbour for "linking money-to-money". Have a look :

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